2020 Tax Bill Information

Notice to Town of Oshkosh residents,

The 2020 tax bills were printed and in the process of being prepared for mailing. We are hopeful the tax bills will be in the mail by next Tuesday or Wednesday (Dec. 15-16).

The tax bills are available to view and/or print from the Winnebago County website.

Winnebago County website link to search by your name, parcel number, or address is:


Instructions on how to navigate the search

Tip: Use minimal information to search.

Click search and it populates a selection(s).

Example 1 – Search by Address:

Select Town of Oshkosh from the dropdown.

Type in your house number, 1234 (example), do not fill in the road name, your name, or parcel number.

Example 2 – Search by Name:

Select Town of Oshkosh from the dropdown.

Type in your last name, Jones (example), don’t fill in any other information.

Example 3 – Search by Parcel:

If you select Town of Oshkosh from dropdown, do not type the “018” parcel prefix, only type numbers after “018”. Do not use spaces or hyphens.

If you leave selection at all municipalities, then you must type in the “018” parcel prefix and all numbers after. Do not use spaces or hyphens.


  • Next,

Click on the parcel link.

  • Next,

Click the “select detail” dropdown and select Taxes.

Look for:

Click on the 2020 year.