EMS letter to town residents

The Town of Oshkosh Volunteer Fire Department has an Emergency Medical Responder unit made up of 15 members that are trained in and licensed with the state of Wisconsin Advanced First Aide They respond with Gold Cross Ambulance which is the ambulance service that is contracted by the Town of Oshkosh to provide paramedic level care to the town of Oshkosh.

It all starts with a call to 911. The Town of Oshkosh EMS is then made aware of the emergency by way of a paging system that each member carries on them, and they respond as they are able to. Simultaneously, the ambulance is also dispatched to the same emergency.  Our response to the scene averages between 5-10 minutes, and we average 4 responders to each scene.

We meet monthly for a business meeting and continuing education where we go over our equipment and do skills updates. These meetings are at the Town of Oshkosh Fire station and are on the Third Monday of the month.

Each responder is equipped with their own medical bag to asses vital signs. We also have airway equipment, bleeding control as well as an Automated External Defibrillators to aide in reviving cardiac arrest individuals. Our responders are also trained in advanced skills such as Epinephrine for allergic reactions, Supra glottic airways to assist in ventilating a person that is not breathing on their own, Narcan for reversal of narcotic overdose emergencies, Cervical restrictive devices to maintain the neck and cervical spine in a straight line to prevent damage to the spinal cord when a patient has a fall or accident that potentially has caused a fracture to the back and/or neck. Our personnel also carry Carbon monoxide detectors to make sure our environment is safe when we are taking care of a sick person in the home or workplace that may have been exposed to carbon monoxide.

Our group is dedicated to our town and provides Stop the Bleed training as well as CPR training free of cost to our town residents. There are no set times that we respond it is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During all weather types, we respond from wherever we are in the community.

Our group is led by a service director, Jason Selwitschka, who is a Critical Care Paramedic. Our team has a variety of licensed personnel that do have career jobs in other areas such as industry, Fire and Rescue, Healthcare, Dairy farms and truck drivers. Our medical director is Dr. Mark Westfall that oversees our group’s medical protocols and medical care.

Our budget is primarily from the Town of Oshkosh tax base and donations from the community from fundraisers and other grants. We do not charge for our response and our volunteers are paid a stipend for response to cover gas and wear and tear on our personal vehicles.

EMRWe are passionate in what we do and provide great care to our Town residents and those visitors that are passing through on our roadways. Feel free to contact the service director if you have any questions or would like more information on what we do.

If you are interested in joining the Town of Oshkosh Fire or EMS departments complete the application and submit to the department.