Garbage & Recycle carts/bins are coming!

Waste Management plans to begin delivery of garbage & recycle carts by the end of this week; the second week in May. Give the process time before all are distributed.

When you receive the carts, you may begin using them immediately. The process will be fully implemented by June 6, 2022 when the carts must be used. Hand pick-up will continue until June 6th.

  • Curbside pickup day is Monday, no change.
  • Trash is every week, no change.
  • Recycling will be every other week on Mondays. Follow the recycle calendar instructions. The start date shown on calendar is June 6th.
  • If you receive carts ahead of that calendar start date, working backwards on the calendar, there is no pickup on Monday, May 30th due to Memorial Day holiday (Tuesday, May 31st is gold), (May 23rd is green), and (May 16th is gold).
  • All allowable recyclables should be placed in the recycle cart loose, not in plastic bags. Glass, plastics, tin, paper, and cardboard all go into the one recycle cart. No separating co-mingle (glass, plastics, & tin) from paper and cardboard is necessary.

The letter, calendar, and recycle instructions shown below this message will be attached to the carts when delivered.

If you see that your neighbors received carts and you did not, and should have, or there is another issue, contact the clerk at 920-235-7771 or

  • Waste Management have cameras on their trucks monitoring items disposed. Please follow the rules.
  • The recycling center prefers to receive uncrushed plastics. Plastics that are crushed tend to get caught in the conveyor and causes problems with the sorting equipment.