June 6, 2022 Trash pickup update

Waste Management had a truck break down in the town this afternoon Monday, June 6th. They are sending 2 drivers back out in the morning bright and early to finish up.

We are aware some neighborhoods and addresses have not received their carts yet. For those waiting for carts, please continue the trash pickup as you have in the past.

If others in your neighborhood received carts, and you did not and may have been missed, or if you have other concerns, call the clerk 920-235-7771 or Waste Management at 1-800-960-0008.

Call Tip: If you call Waste Management, it will asked for your address, makes sure you say “town” of Oshkosh. Otherwise, they may say you are not in their service area, thinking you are in the “city” of Oshkosh.