Recognized Dedication to Service

To show appreciation, the Town of Oshkosh would like to recognize their service to our community.

Jason Wolfgram served one two-year term as Town Supervisor. Wolfgram was a voice on the town board. He was active in responding to several stray animal calls and many other concerns by residents and property owners. We wish Jason well on any of his future endeavors.

Joan Guenther served as a Chief Election Inspector for approximately 23-24 years and decided to retire. She was an explementary role model for other Election Inspectors. Joan is still active as the business secretary of the Edgewood Shangri-La Sanitary District in the Town of Oshkosh serving 65 households.

The town is grateful to people like you who are willing to step up and serve the public. It truly is an honorable act to serve the community. No matter how small or large the contribution, this service does make a difference and makes for a better place for everyone.

On behalf of all Town of Oshkosh residents, we wish to recognize and thank you.

William (Bill) Demler is the newly elected Town Supervisor with his term beginning April 16, 2019. We welcome Bill joining the town board. He is looking forward to serving our constituents.