Property Taxes

2023/2024 tax bills are posted to view or print online at the Winnebago County website.


    • Escrow check larger than taxes due: A refund check will be mailed to the property owner along with a receipt.




Deadline tax payment to the Town of Oshkosh is January 31, 2024. After January 31, 2024, the tax payments are turned over to Winnebago County Treasurer to collect.

If you are not able to make a payment by check, we are able to process a credit card payment, let it be known there will be a 3% processing fee added to the amount. Example: $1000 payment + $30 processing fee = $1030 will be charged to your credit card. Contact the clerk for further instructions.

Summary of 2023/2024 property tax information:

    • $132/garbage and $120/recycling = $252/per household for the year ($21.00/month or $4.85/week). Multiple households per structure are calculated accordingly.


    • The assessment ratio in calculating the estimated Fair Market Value/Equalized rate for 2023 is .638774961 or 64%. Because the current assessment values are at 64%, an assessment revaluation is scheduled for 2024 to bring all properties assessments up to 100%. The State of Wisconsin requires this because the town's value has been below the threshold for several years.


Properties within these districts overall rates (all levies included) are:
Oshkosh Area School District                              .020872287
Winneconne Community School District             .016979855
Winne Sch in Butte des Morts Sanitary District   .017395056


Message to Title Companies

A request to obtain Tax, Special Assessment, and Special Charge information, please mail to:

Town Treasurer Laura Hunt
4749 Plummers Pt. Rd.
Oshkosh WI 54904
(920) 385-6866

Contact Treasurer

Fee is $20.00/per parcel request and a check should be payable to Town of Oshkosh.

Or make a request and pay online, click this link.

Garbage and Recycle charges are NOT prepaid/paid ahead.