Property Taxes

2019/2020 tax bills are available to view or print online at the Winnebago County website.

  • Escrow check larger than taxes due: A refund check will be mailed to property owner along with receipt.
  • Mailing address changes: Contact the Town Treasurer.
  • Mailing Address Change Form click here.
  • Lottery Credits: If you believe you are due a lottery credit, contact the town treasurer. Call 920-385-6866 or email the Town Treasurer.
  • Dog Licenses: Go to Dog License Application form. Form must be completed and mailed to the Town Treasurer Laura Hunt.

Quick summary of 2019/2020 tax information this year are:

  • No change to curbside garbage and recycling pickup charges. The rate is $108/garbage and $103/recycling = $211/per household for the year ($17.58/month or $4.05/week). Multiple households per structure are calculated accordingly.
  • Property taxes overall are either a decrease or increase depending on the school district the property is within. It is also dependent on whether the property qualifies for Lottery Credit and/or First Dollar Credit or if there is a Winnebago County POWTS charge for private sewer systems.
  • State of Wisconsin did not levy a tax on properties for a third year.
  • The assessment ratio in calculating estimate Fair Market Value for 2019 is .925552705.

Properties within these districts overall rates (all levies included) are:
Oshkosh Area School District                              .016175437
Winneconne Community School District             .015156910
Winne Sch in Butte des Morts Sanitary District   .015566188

Title Companies,
Letters to request/inquire Tax, Special Assessment, and Special Charge information, please mail to:

Town Treasurer Laura Hunt
4749 Plummers Pt. Rd.
Oshkosh WI 54904
(920) 385-6866

Fee is $20.00 payable to Town of Oshkosh.

Garbage and Recycle charges are NOT prepaid.