Town Hall Rental

Rental of the town hall is available to Town of Oshkosh property owners ONLY. Check the Town of Oshkosh map to see if you qualify. Click this link: Town_of_Oshkosh_Map 093013

The hall is great for baby or wedding showers, birthday parties, graduation parties, anniversary parties, and other types of family gatherings.

Fee: $75 for not more than 12-hours of use.

For available dates and reservations, call the town clerk at 920-235-7771. You can also check the online calendar to see is what dates could be available. All reservations must be confirmed with the town clerk.

The room will comfortably handle around 80 people or less.

There are approximately 60 chairs.

3-6' x 30 " (2 1/2') wide white plastic tables

10-8' x 30" (2 1/2') wide white plastic tables

1- 7 1/2' x 3' large wooden table

1-6'2" x 3' high counter/buffet type table

Rental Rules

Absolutely no sitting on tables!!!!

Town furniture, e.i. tables/chairs, cannot leave the building.

There is a small kitchen with stove and refrigerator that you are welcome to use, but must be cleaned after use.

There is NO parking in front of the fire department garage doors.

It is expected that the hall overall is returned back to the same condition it was found.  Extra clean up costs or cost of damaged items will be charged back to the person signing the lease/rental agreement.